Claire, I just happened to pop in to Medium and saw you clapped for my comment on another post. My habit is to check out the writing of new people I encounter, so I clicked on your little photo and immediately was drawn to this piece.

I lost my dad slowly in many ways for years: divorce, geographical separation, remarriage to someone who held me at a distance, and finally memory loss in these last 10 years. All through the obstacles we remained close. I love him dearly and knew that he loved me. He died two weeks ago, today. The final loss. You are the second person in my day today to offer something about losing a dad and a comment about how they are still with us. I really appreciate your reflection here. Thank you. <3

Also, I had just submitted a poem I wrote for my father for his 80th birthday a few years ago . . .

Teacher, writer, poet, student, earthling; theopoetic acorn chewer, intent on uncovering meaning

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