I was interested in your thoughts about the role of intellect, but concerned that you might be devaluing critical thinking which is necessary for healthy discernment. Our emotions are important, but without deep discernment they can lead us astray, and allow us to succumb to fears and doubts and to react in anger and ignorance.

That being said, I was alarmed by your examples using racism as if it were a myth or holds no bearing on the character of a person. Also, your comments about political correctness. These sound ignorant and like a person who is based in reaction, not in thoughtful, prayerful discernment of the spirit.

You are missing some very deep realities that might require you to listen more intently to voices that are not simply in your own head and in the heads of those just like you. I wish you more clarity. No claps from me on this one.

Teacher, writer, poet, student, earthling; theopoetic acorn chewer, intent on uncovering meaning

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